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Since time immemorial, the Jewish people have been known as the people of the Book. While historically the term originates from Islam, which categorized the Jews as ‘people of the book’ – meaning those who possessed an earlier revelation from God that was written down –  the term most often refers to the intimate connection between the Jews and the Torah – the Hebrew Bible (Tanach), and the many books associated with it, such as the Talmud, commentaries, and codes of Jewish law.

We are TBI believe that books are an important part of any Jewish home and pleased to make these important books available to our members and freinds.

Mishkan T'fillah -  Siddur For Shabbat & Festivals

   Mishkan T'Filah $60.00

Mishkan T'Shuvah - High Holy Day Machzor

   Machzorim to Purchase for Home ($80.00 per set)
   Machzorim to Donate to Shule ($80.00 per set)
In whose name would you like to dedicate these machzorim?

Rabbi John Levi AC Lifebook

   ​​​​​​​Rabbi John Levi AM Lifebook

Shabbat at Home Booklet 

   Shabbat at Home Booklet (6 for $30.00)

If purchasing larger quantities, the rate of shipping will increase accordingly. Feel free to call the TBI office to discuss shipping rates. 9510 1488


Fri, 3 December 2021 29 Kislev 5782