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Memorial Boards


When our founders designed our original Synagogue they chose to place a memorial board at the rear of the Sanctuary knowing that members and friends would find great meaning in ensuring that their loved ones were memorialised in such as sacred and substantial space.

Over the decades that have followed, our memorial boards have expanded and grown with our community, but we have never forgotten those whose names and lives have been remembered for perpetuity.

Each inscription commemorates a person who was special to those who remember them. They are a touching visual remembrance as well as a comforting marker for family members.

Our sages tell us that the best memorial for a loved one who has passed is to donate tzedakah (charity) in their memory. With a $540 donation you can dedicate an inscription on our memorial board.

In addition to adding your loved one’s name to our wall of memory, we will also ensure that they are recalled by name in perpetuity on the anniversary of their passing.

You can also process a payment as a guest below without logging in. You can pay online via credit card - please include all relevant information in the payment notes section such as what the donation/payment is for.  

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