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The world we live in is precarious and uncertain.

COVID-19 has shown us that we are more vulnerable than we understood.

During times of uncertainty, we turn to our tradition for comfort. It is highly unlikely, however, that our children or their children will be able or willing to pay high membership fees to belong to our (or any) synagogue.

Annual membership is not sustainable and is a barrier to belonging. It is an outdated and inadequate model for generating funds, and is increasingly out of reach for many.

The time has come to disrupt old ways of giving so we may stay relevant, viable and accessible.

We have already taken the first step to do this.

In 2018 we created the L’dor Vador Foundation to lift the financial burden of annual fees from the shoulders of our next generation by establishing a capital members will pay to belong. base that can sustain our cornerstone institution and continued growth.

Our next step was to generate new income through strategic partnerships that have ensured our congregation is financially sustainable. This allowed us to avoid increasing membership fees over the last three years.

The final step begins now as we dedicate our annual Kol Nidrei Appeal to reducing the cost of belonging for the first time in our history.

To simplify, the more our community is able to give to our Cultural, Educational and General Funds, the less our members will pay to belong.

Your gift will guarantee our place as:

  • a respected and dynamic house of prayer;
  • an innovative and engaging centre of learning; and,  
  • an inclusive and informed community of action.
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If you prefer, you can make your donation by direct deposit (EFT) through your online banking

Account Name: Temple Beth Israel     BSB: 013 214         Account: 1989 39098

In the transaction note, please record which fund you would like to make your donation toward

Sat, 1 October 2022 6 Tishrei 5783